Francis of Assisi, has a passion for France and business. But there was something else he was seeking, to become a knight but not for holiness, for glory and prestige. God told him he had it all wrong and told him to return home, but Francis didn’t not want to be the boy who was humiliated, laughed at, called a coward by the village and raged at by his father for the money wasted on armor. Francis' conversion did not happen overnight. God had waited for him for twenty-five years and now it was Francis' turn to wait. Francis disowned his father after his father accused him of theft. ""Pietro Bernardone is no longer my father. From now on I can say with complete freedom, 'Our Father who art in heaven.'"" Francis set out to imitate Christ and literally carry out his work. He preached: ""Your God is of your flesh, He lives in your nearest neighbor, in every man."" He believed that nature itself was the mirror of God. He called all creatures his ""brothers"" and ""sisters"", and even preached to the birds and persuaded a wolf in Gubbio to stop attacking some locals if they agreed to feed the wolf."

St. Francis of Assisi

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